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Hypopressive Exercises

Research suggests that as many as half of all women will have a prolapse at some point their lives, and 1 in 3 experience stress or urge incontinence. While incontinence and prolapse symptoms are common, they're not normal...

Hypopressive exercises are gentle exercises, engaging breathing and movement together, they are used in many other countries such as France, US and Canada as the go-to postnatal exercise method and more and more in the UK now too. There is good evidence to show that hypopressive exercise helps to reduce incontinence and prolapse symptoms and improve quality of life for many women. The exercises benefit the body as a whole but are specifically designed to re-engage the pelvic floor. Many women are now getting life changing improvements and their hindering symptoms are a thing of the past. 

Worries about prolapse and incontinence symptoms, that awful heavy feeling, and the fear of coughing or sneezing unexpectedly are distressing but it doesn't have to be this way. Hypopressives exercises don't just make positive changes in bladder and prolapse symptoms, they can change how you feel about yourself. 

Similar to yoga and pilates, hypopressives a set of various poses, but they have some important differences which make them so effective for pelvic floor rehab. Breathing plays an important role in the technique as hypopressive exercise uses 360-breathing to help activate the diaphragm-pelvic floor-connection but what hypopressives are especially known for is its apnea breath.

What's so special ​?


I have been fortunate enough to train with Alice Housman who set up the Create Lift ® Hypopressives Team, which is an evidence-based one-to-one Hypopressives programme for women with incontinence and prolapse, and it's getting life-changing results. Women they are working with are getting on average a huge 72% reduction in their prolapse symptoms with life-changing improvements.

Take a look at Alice's site and learn more...

So what can hypopressive exercises do​?

Healing and strengthening the body from the inside, hypopressive exercises can treat and improve the following symptoms...

  • Lifts and supports pelvic floor

  • Elevates prolapse symptoms

  • Reduces / eliminates bladder incontinence

  • Urinary stress incontinence

  • Urge incontinence

  • Rectal incontinence

  • Improves core strength, thereby supporting the whole body

  • Improves waistline

  • Can improve Diastasis Recti

  • Improves sex life

  • Improves posture and feeling of wellbeing

Please enquire below for more information about this incredible life time skill :) 

Taster Sessions


Do you suffer with pelvic floor issues?

Research suggests that as many as half of all women will have a prolapse at some point their lives, and 1 in 3 experience stress or urge incontinence.

Hypopressive Exercises and Acupuncture can help? 

Sessions with me...

I am running small groups of 1-3 sessions where you can learn the basics in Hyporessive technique and gain some knowledge about this life long skill...

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